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A Baltimore-based band that considers their style of music to be in the genres of Rock & Roll and Reggae, Railaway has finally settled into their niche. Over the past few years, the five piece band has transformed their sound, with the addition of two new members. The former trio has developed into a professional act capable of drawing large crowds to concert venues such as Recher Theatre, Santa Fe Cafe, and Bourbon Street.

When the group first started out, becoming a band was never in the thought process. Chris, Brian and Anthony, the three original members, would hang out in the basement, goofing around with a couple guitars. After writing a few original songs, they were encouraged by friends and family to perform at open-mics and talents shows. After a series of successful outings, the band jumped into recording their first demo. The result was a six song E.P. combining the styles of artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Dispatch and Sublime. This independently released, self-titled E.P., debuted in October of 2007 and sold well over 1000 copies in just over a year.

After recording their first demo the group continued to play shows on a regular basis, but in November of 2008, two new band members seamlessly stumbled into Railaway’s weekly basement practice sessions. The two new members were Alex Waicker on drums and Gordon Covington on keyboard. Their enthusiasm, musical ability, and spunk of personality instantly clicked with the three founding members and Railaway became the five-piece they are known as today. In the most recent years, Railaway has followed a rigorous touring schedule. While hard at work writing new material, the Band has ended up on the bill supporting local and national acts such as Rusted Root, Can't Hang, Ballyhoo!, and Badfish. Not to mention, playing every gig from absurd college house parties to enormous fundraising events up and down the Mid-Atlantic.

Despite having to side-step a few speed bumps such as a band line up change, replacing thousands of dollars worth of stolen equipment, and the band van catching on fire, the group has finally raised enough money to record independently. They released their first full-length independent album and celebrated with a full-house show on July 22nd 2011 at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD.

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